EyeSnug+ Sleep Mask and Ear Plug Set - 2 Pack

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  • CATCH YOUR Z’S ANYWHERE: Light? Noise? No problem. This eye mask for sleeping combined with the included earplugs blocks out both so you can get the Z’s you need – anytime, anywhere.
  • PROMOTE RAPID EYE MOVEMENT: Some eye covers for sleeping don’t allow your eyes the freedom they need to achieve rapid eye movement, or REM sleep. The EyeSnug+ deep eye cavity will allow this critical movement to occur, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep.
  • TIGHT BUT FLEXIBLE: This night mask fits snugly around your eyes and nose to block out the most light, but since it’s made from molding memory foam, it won’t squeeze your face. You’ll barely feel this feather-weight night eye mask, enabling you to attain the sleep you need in complete comfort.
  • SLEEP FOR TWO: This package includes two eye masks for sleeping plus two pairs of earplugs. You and your partner can catch the sleep you deserve, or you can keep one at home while you bring the other with you on the road.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Sleep is critical, and we designed the EyeSnug+ to facilitate the sleep you need to succeed. If you’re not 100% satisfied, just return them for a prompt refund or replacement. When sleep counts, count on EyeSnug+; order yours today!

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